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The BodyWhispering Story: It's not what you think

BodyWhispering was coined by a precious client after practicing yoga one-on-one together for over a decade.

We'd just flown back from Goa, India after practicing yoga with princes on rooftops and she said, "I was so relieved to get off the bandwagon of dieting and exercise.

You whispered my body into shape, Alexis, and you taught me to do it for myself."

"You are a BodyWhisperer!" She said

"Now go and teach BodyWhispering as a way of life.

You have so much to offer."

This was the first iteration of Body Whispering over 15 years ago.

She summed up what I'd been working on for over 20 years.

What started at aged 13 as an attempt to "get healthy" led to a disciplined and rigid approach to my mind and body.My body was pushed into shape and she did not like it!

By aged 19, I had stopped menstruating. I was doing all the right things and I was clinically overweight.

I was uptight, overweight, unbalanced, unhappy and stressed.

I was utterly confused. I was using the "formula of health" and it was making me sick!

I had wrongly believed that if I did a lot of exercise, ate the right foods and none of the bad ones...."did all the right things"...then I would be well.

My body, however, taught me otherwise.

Then, at aged 20, I was diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer-causing cells on my cervix. The only medical option was surgery.

The fitness, medical and nutrition industry taught me to control, beat, force and coerce my body into shape. My body was NOT happy.

These industries taught me that my body was something rebellious. I need anti- (biotics/ depressants / inflammatories etc) to suppress its impulses.

The message was that my body needed to be pushed and yelled at to overcome its laziness. It needed diets, nutritionists, podcasts etc to tell me what I should do, because my body was confused, un-ruly, short, inclined to chaos.

Then, I discovered homeostasis and it explained the BodyWhispering paradigm.

Being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition at such a young age forced me to clarify my convictions.

I’ll never forget the (third-opinion) doctor who told me “You realise your life is at stake if you do not have that surgery”

I chose to return to my spiritual teachings and completed my third ten-day course in Vipassana

meditation. I’m not saying this is right for everybody. It took every ounce of trust, within every fibre of my being, and it was absolutely right for me.

Sitting in the meditation hall, observing without interfering, I experienced states of bliss which convinced me we are by default deeply, immensly and profoundly happy.

I experienced - first hand - that my body is inclined to a subtle and delicate state of structural, biochemical and physiological balance.

The only sign of my cervix responding was the tiniest tingling deep in the centre of my pelvis. I can only describe it as a deep and direct sensory experience of impermanence. I have received a clean bill of health - with regular check ups - ever since.

From that day forward, I have sworn to a relationship of trust with my body. I do not second-guess her impulses. I do not over-ride her requests. I’ve chosen to respond to with the firm love of a parent responding to a child. And I’ve not struggled with my weight, my reproductive health, my sexuality, my convictions since.

It has, however, taken a number of decades, to put my experience into words.

I explain why this is so in my Level 2 course, but for now, suffice to say you are a part of a paradigm shift... a true revolution.

As you can see outlined in the paradigm shift above, it is a counter-culture movement. There will be times you slip back to the old way of thinking, times you succumb to the way you were raised, or to the way your friends are speaking, but I can assure you with persistence, and community, you can break through and experience a lasting state of balance and self-reliance.

Welcome to a new way of being.

This is BodyWhispering.

Welcome to a new way of being.

This is BodyWhispering.

You can purchase your Self-Paced BodyWhispering Program or join The BodyWhispering Pilot Program to learn, grow and co-create version 3.0 for launch in 2024.

I'm Alexis Dennehy, a Naturopath (Somatic Therapist, BodyWorker) Yoga Therapist committed to Trauma-Informed Collaboration and a more integrated health system overall.

BodyWhisperers say:

“I had an awesome re-alignment on about day 10. First I experienced a series of clunks in my left shoulder. Then I noticed the whole shoulder sat better. After that I had a sore jaw and left ear but they pretty soon settled down. For the first time in about ten years, I've completely stopped clenching my jaw! Incredible!"

“I found I couldn’t sit still anymore. Not quite a restlessness but like my body wouldn’t stop making requests and it didn’t make sense to over-ride them anymore. I decided to keep shifting my posture and wriggling into place. My posture has improved out of sight and people keep asking if I’ve lost weight. Who’d have thought just wriggling and shifting could make so much change! Blown away! Thank you”

“I noticed when I was at my computer, I’d have to stop and straighten my left arm, maybe get a click, or maybe just a stretch, often some kind of a sigh of relief, sometimes a big yawn. It’s extremely satisfying to know I can correct my posture without having to pay someone for it!”

“Something just felt so right about the whole thing. Like I’d been a fed a lie that looking good had to be hard, and suddenly, the hardness stopped. Just like that. My partner says I’m actually better looking since I stopped judging myself so hard.”

“BodyWhispering makes me feel like a kid in my body again. I’ve got energy I forgot existed and I’ve completely stopped flogging myself when I look in the mirror. It’s a kind of lightness. A kind of carefree feeling. It’s bloody liberating, I tell ya!”


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