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"I started practicing with Alexis because I wanted to still my overactive mind.  


The bonus of treating my Mind was that my body was being cared for at the same time.  


In the 18 months that I have now been practicing with Alexis I'm able to cope more calmly and rationally with any skew balls that get thrown my way.  


A very positive bi-product is that I am physically stronger, healthier, able and willing  to make the right choices for my health.  


Alexis is unique in her teaching in that without you realising it, she is caring for your body, mind and soul.  


After a session with Alexis I feel as though I have woken up on a new day!  


I prefer the one-on-one and small groups with Alexis rather than at a gym as you are free to be yourself.   


Alexis practices a hands-on approach which has assisted my posture, confidence and overall wellbeing.  


I have had personal trainers for the last 15 years until I met Alexis.  I won't go back to a personal trainer as Alexis has taught me how to be kind to my body, 


I don't need to push myself to the limits to get results.  I can listen to my body and it tells me how much I can and can't do while challenging me to be the very best I can."  



Glenda Warren, Retail and Online Business Owner

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