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Private Burnout / Trauma-Care

Deep Restoration & Inner-Resourcing

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Honour Avenue

Service Description

Burnout & trauma are caused by an overwhelm of the sensory nervous system relative to our ability to respond. They are adaptive responses which allow us to keep functioning, by "shutting down" to the sensory over-load. Once "shut down" the system continues to "exile" the sensations EVEN when we are resourced to respond. Because exiling is what enabled us to function, the unconscious belief is something like "I will fall into oblivion if I experience that part of me". The result is a subtle or obvious defensiveness, closed-ness, fear and anxiety. The sense is that we're missing something. We're lesser than our true selves. We carry a reduced sense of accomplishment and limited self confidence. While trauma remains in the unconscious we are physically, mentally and emotionally INCAPABLE of experiencing our potential. Building non-reactiveness to sensation (as is the aim of meditation) we can grow our inner-resources. Only then, can see through the defences of shame, fear, anxiety or anger to reclaim our exiled selves. Once an expanded sense of self (the inner-parent) has been achieved, we can turn toward the exiled part (the inner-child) and reclaim the associated faculties. These faculties often include such qualities as trust, openness, acceptance, sense of belonging, ability-to-be-seen, courage, boldness, bravery and intimacy. This is where facilitation is necessary. A well-informed practitioner will draw from a wide range of available evidence and perspectives, an in-depth thematic analysis of her clients, her embodied knowledge, insight, intuition, creativity and lived experience, as well as the knowledge and experience of her own teachers, guides and mentors. This is also why psychedelics are been widely used to treat trauma in the US, because they increase the neurotransmitters of trust, openness, acceptance, sense of belonging, ability-to-be-seen, courage, boldness, bravery and intimacy (the inner-child), while under strict supervision (an outer-parent / projected attachment figure). So now you know the theory of trauma-care (of which burnout is the most common's tiring to keep the exiled part hidden...keeping face / holding up our defences is draining) it's time to take the first gentle step toward being held so you can heal naturally.

Cancellation Policy

Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. Please see our privacy policy on our website. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • 1/417 Honour Ave, Graceville QLD, Australia

    + 0438953091

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