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Alignment: A 4-week Course for Couples

Remembered the Aim. Evoke the Vision Live life in Love again and again and again.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Honour Avenue

Service Description

Do you remember the relationship you signed up for? Were you partners? Setting your sails together? In the same direction? Eventually even in the same boat? How have your navigated the course? How are you skippering together? Do you take turns being captain and skipper? Or do you have defined or even pre-defined roles? It's often not until a major storm, that underlying strength is truly seen. How do you communicate? How do you fire under pressure? How do you complement or compete? One powerful tool that many successful businesses utilise to avoid conflict and prevent crisis, is the creation of a vision and mission statement. Through meditative enquiry of each other, facilitated by Moment-by-Moment Demonstration & Application, you and your partner can see that you on the same page. Your One-Page Vision & Mission is critical to direction and alignment for couples seeking to live the life intended. Alignment: A 4-week course includes: Each Saturday morning includes components of Demonstration & Application. 1 x 90min Introduction to Meditative Conversation; the Primary Tool of Alignment. 1 x 90min Core Values Exercise; Where you Collaborate & Where you Complement each other. 1 x 90min Vision Invocation; Your Values Actualised. 1 x 90min Visual Summary; Mission Statement & Map - your ONE-PAGE TAKE-AWAY. As the itinerary is to the overseas trip, the Vision is the reason for a marriage. Isn't it time you shifted gears? Remembered the Aim? Evoked the Vision? Lived life in Love again? A commitment to 4-weeks is a commitment to the rest of your life. Book your Couples Short Course & One-Page Take-Away today. Please note, this course is NOT couples counselling. Facilitated by demonstration and practical application, any discussion regarding past-related content will be referred to a couples counsellor.

Cancellation Policy

Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. Please see our privacy policy on our website. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • 1/417 Honour Ave, Graceville QLD, Australia

    + 0438953091

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