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Body-based trauma-informed practices can help with:
Stress and anxiety 
Social anxiety
Post Traumatic Stress
Complex Trauma
Violence and aggression 
Eating disorders
Substance misuse or abuse
Sleep disturbance
Mood dysregulation
If you are experiencing overwhelming feelings, including an intense desire to avoid or escape, please call
Lifeline Crisis Line (24/7)  Ph 13 11 14 

Body Whispering 12-Week Program

Body whispering was coined by a long-term client who used the term to sum up the benefits of yoga over a number of decades.


Body whispering is a 12-week program designed to reacquaint you with your body and rebuild a self-loving relationship.


The constant call-and-response between your mind and body is relatively easy to reprogram with practice. 


Sensation provides clear and objective messaging from your body, through your sensory nervous system to your brain.  You can respond to this information more consciously by slowing down and paying attention. 

Yogic principals of breath awareness and mindfulness facilitate this sustainable change. 


Bodywhispering clients report wide and varied benefits, from appetite regulation to increased exercise to improved posture and quality of sleep.  The Body Whispering principals can be effectively applied to pain management including persistent headaches, premenstrual tension and even childbirth and labour.

The more gentle aspects of of Body Whispering are sufficiently deep to enable us to safely access the sensations associated with trauma. Strong feelings we have avoided, numbed or over-powered recur as reactions over-exaggerated.  Many traumatised people recognise this pattern but find talking about it re-triggers the reaction.  Mindfulness and gentle body-based practices can help us remember the tangible experience of ease again.  


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