Travelling with the Wellness Chaperone includes:
Morning Mindfulness (30 min)
Clarifying intent for direction, purpose and focus while travelling.
Midday Yoga (45 min)
Therapeutically customised to meet your wellbeing goals and needs.
Afternoon Massage (60 min)
Pressure point release and deep relaxation.  A soothing balm for mental and physical integration.
Evening Philosophy & Mindful Practice (30-60 min)
Time for questions or concerns regarding change.

International travellers are increasingly choosing Australia as a wellness destination, due to:

1. Australia’s world-class reputation in a number of niche medical fields such as fertility treatment, particularly IVF, and heart surgery.

2. Australia's clean air, active lifestyle, fresh produce and spa culture.

3. The comparatively low-cost of medical treatment compared to major markets such as the United States, even with an unfavourable exchange rate. 

Wellness Tourism includes:

- travel for access to excellence in medical treatment, including assisted reproductive technologies, dental or cosmetic surgery.

- travel as a rite-of-passage, such as to a site of significance, during sabbatical or for sense of self.


- travel for sense of place and belonging ie returning home or to the mother country, connecting with family and/or ancestors.

- travel for business, such as conference-attendance, with the dual objective of improved wellbeing.

Travelling with the Wellness-Chaperone is a popular choice for Australians and International travellers for good reason:

1. Mental health has become a higher priority, with recognition of the very real consequences of stress and burnout.


2. Travel is typically associated with tension, stress and compromised immunity. 


3. Digestive health has become a higher priority since the release of evidence linking the microbiome to brain and immune function.  Most are aware of exposure to pathogens while travelling, but few recognise the opportunity for improved digestive health.

4. Many recognise the opportunity to reflect and make change while away from everyday busy demands.

Travelling with the Wellness-Chaperone is particularly good value when travelling with a group of friends, colleagues or family.

The Wellness-Chaperone facilitates the personal process of positive change and integration. 

The Contemporary definition of Mindfulness: 

“Paying attention;. On purpose,. in the present moment, and. non-judgmentally.” 

- Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Original definition of Mindfulness:


"Contemplating body as body,

contemplating feelings as feelings,

contemplating mind as mind,

contemplating mind-objects as mind-objects,

ardent, clearly aware and mindful,

having put aside hankering and fretting for the world." 


- The Greater Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work.  The Turrbal and Yuggara people of Maiwar, The Quandamooka people of Minjerribah, the Bunjalung people to the south, Waka Waka and Gubi Gubi to the north, Burrangum to the west, and particularly to the Gammilray people who have shared deep knowledgeand lore.  We acknowledge sovereignty has not yet been ceded and we stand with you in reconciliation. 


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