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Why your yoga isn't working...the single biggest trap every yogini falls for guaranteed.

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Maybe you've heard that just 20 minutes of mindfulness a day is enough to reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness by up to 20%. Or maybe you've heard that mindfulness has shown to be effective for reducing emotional eating and binge eating.

So you got the pants, your got the membership and you showed up ...for months, or even years. You listened deeply when you were asked to "trust your body" and "choose what feels....really right... just for you" and "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... easy for you, you genetically engineered clone of Claudia Schiffer".

And back to the breath.

No, you're not a failure, my friend. We have all lululemoned and gogo-juice-fasted just to find ourselves amongst every other uniquely lululemoned gogo-juice-fasted MILF in the suburb. And we have all found ourselves, at least once, feeling like one of Osho's discarded devotees, dumbfounded that we have fallen for the delusion of yoga's promises.

You simply fell into the trap. The trap created all those years ago. The trap which caught fox after fox before you. Foxes who simply knew no better themselves.

But this post is not about blame. No, that's a whole PhD. This post is about showing you in the simplest way possible, how to become the cunning fox that avoids the trap, and then teaches its foxy family and its even foxier friends how they can then save their cute foxy tails.

Are you ready?

No, seriously now.

Are you?

Because the simplicity of this will blow your tiny foxy mind.

And I would hate for you to think I am anything other than deadly.... single-shot-rifle deadly....and utterly... Scent-hound-such-as-an-English-Foxhound utterly...serious...hunter-carrying-single-shot-rifle-accompanied-by-scent-hound-such-as-an-English-Foxhoun

d serious.

So here goes.

The number one trap which I guarantee you have fallen into, whether you're a beginner, or experienced yogi or yogini, no matter whether you've been taught by Yoga with Adrienne, or The big DL himself, is this...

Yoga, that is, to yoke every tiny particle of yourself

Is, that is, the opposite of is not

Not, that is, the opposite of is (sorry, couldn't help myself)

About, that is, anywhere even closely in the vicinity of

What, that is the description of an action, activity or, in this case asana, pranayama etc etc

You, that is the person reading this

Do, that is the action you take while undertaking yoga

Yoga, to yoke

Is, definitely


How, that is the quality, mentality, approach, focus, attention




And if you don't believe me, you can ask the experts, Jimmy Lunceford, Ella Fitzgerald, The Soul Twins, Bananarama & Fun Boys Three & even Pussyfoot for their two cents worth.

Now, go forth my bright-eyed, reddish-coated, bushy-tailed omnivores. Have your stresses, anxieties and lonelies vanquished my precious Vulpes vulpes (yes, darling, that's your latin nomenclature).

Release your eating in vain attempt at emotional soothing, and be liberated of your grasping for nirvana with substance binging. Not by separating your sit bones degrees wider. Nor by pranayama-ing your bandha to it's former glory. But by lightening-the-duck-up. Yes, by choosing to make the lighter choice. En-light-en-ing, you say? Oh, yes, this healer tonight has healed thyself (and this, all before the evening's dose of therapeutic oil).

On that note. My job here clearly done.

You'll find me sipping smoothies with Ryan Gosling.

Alexis Dennehy is the founder and owner of One Natural Therapies. She is available for personal and organisational consulting, retreats, workshops, blog-posts and presentations. She celebrates life by walking with people who inspire her and dancing to Sia, Ben Harper and anything with genuine funk and soul. Details of her next retreat can be found at Catch you there, foxy-sockses!


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