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What is Re-Wilding?

Re-Wilding is a term I heard my Uncle use to describe the work my Aunt was doing to return the parkland she worked on to its native state.

So struck was I by the word that it owned me from that day forward.

"With medication-use on the rise,

climate crisis and the release of AI,

in the sum-total history of humankind

there has never existed such an urgent need

to connect the body with the mind." - Alexis BodyWhisperer

Think of a woman giving birth.

There are known factors which stall her labour:

1. She's concerned what others think

2. She's pre-occupied with practical details

3. She's overthinking

Equally, there are known factors which build her labour:

  1. She's unapologetic in her movements, sounds and requests

  2. She's intimately in touch with her body

  3. She's in her raw, instinctive, animalistic side (the hindbrain).

Think of a man standing at the head of the boardroom.

There are known factors which stall his performance:

  1. He's trying to prove himself

  2. He's pre-occupied with outcomes

  3. He's overthinking

Likewise, there are known factors which improve his performance:

  1. He's unashamed with his gesture, voice and stance

  2. He feels powerful

  3. He's in his competitive, alpha, animalistic side (the hindbrain).

All of us - men and women - have access to our wild side

....unfortunately many have forgotten how.

Re-Wilding is not about losing control. It's about letting go of control within a controlled environment.

It's about reconnecting with the fire in your belly, the heat in your breath, the sting in your tail and the bite on your lips.

It's about ignoring second-guesses.

It's about finding conviction.

It's about seeing what you're made of.

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Re-Wilding will not be found at your GP SuperClinic.

No amount of googling will lead to your Re-Wilding.

Re-Wilding must be received.

Re-Wilding is to be felt to be believed.

Get liberated. Get released. Get Re-Wilded Today!


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