Simple Breakfast Gado-Gado (vegan style)

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While I'm known to have said that the meaning of life is "exercise and eggs", I pressed myself to find a vegan alternative for our May Yoga & Psychology Retreat, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this Indonesian Salad exceeded my expectations.

The key to this meal is a little fresh and a little cooked, plus flavours to lift it right off the plate.

The must have ingredient in the Gado Gado is crisp fried onions, so start with this (and they keep).

Your fresh ingredients can be any combination of freshly-cut colourful vegetables, but my favourites are ice berg lettuce, ox's heart tomatoes, finely grated baby carrots and coriander.

Your cooked ingredient is firm tofu which only needs a quick saute in a splash of soy sauce.

Serve with life-changing loaf of bread drizzled generously with macadamia butter. I love a side each of vegan mayonnaise and tomato relish.

The finishes touches are not to be overlooked. Squeeze to cover with fresh lemon juice and top with a dash of sriracha chilli sauce, and of course, don't forget your crisp-fried onions!

Now that's full flavour to keep both the taste buds and the body singing.

(Please send me your pics and I'll add to this post)

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