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Service, Dhana & Volunteering for the Community

I'll be the first to admit the mere mention of Volunteering makes me think of slow, ineffective (dis)-organisations AND YET, the sense-of-responsibility for the stories I hear, and the abundance of gifts, mentorship and eduction I have received draws me back to service again and again.

"So much has been given to me I have not time to ponder over that which has been denied."

- Helen Keller

As a Rotary Exchange Student, I was privileged to sit amongst many clubs across South East Queensland as well as South Africa.

As a Toastmaster, I was privileged to sit amongst local club members, right here in Graceville.

As a Non-Violent Communicator, I am privileged to sit amongst fellow-advocates on an ongoing monthly basis.

The satisfaction of belonging to a multi-generational experience.

The inspiration for knowing my contribution counted (if only a little bit).

The deep sense of belonging hits me at a the level of my primal biology.

There simply is nothing quite like it.

Recently I wrote about Vivek Murthy's Three-bowl analogy. His recommendation, as the former US General Surgeon, following consultation across his country, is for strucutres which facilitate acceptance of diversity AS WELL AS shared frameworks for identity.

In consulation with local community members one-on-one AND in groups, I would agree the greatest barrier to wellness is the lack of structures which hold the fabric of society together.

A recent client is a prime example of this vulnerability. Female, aged 75, retired physiotherapist came to see me to "fix my head". She has lived alone for the last couple of decades, and finds it increasingly difficult to socialise with friends who "only talk about their grandchildren". She has considered volunteering at the local St Vincent's De Paul's Op Shop but has started to experience some "social anxiety". Though her cognitive ability was above average for her age, she was fearful her memory was failing. When I asked whether she'd spoken with her GP about it, she hesitated to tell me she lacked trust in the profession. Rarely am I so assertive with my clients, but, as I've done with numerous clients like her in the past, I spelled out the very real need for social engagement and contribution and told her flatly of her immense vulenerability without it.

The worst part is, SHE IS NOT ALONE.

Though well-off, she is not protected.

Though living in a "good suburb", she is not protected.

Though having lived a fulfilling career, she is not protected.

Even if she were married (as Vivek Murthy points out with his three types of loneliness), she is not protected.

Even if she were a man (as the high rates of suicide demonstrate), she is not protected.

It is my responsiblity and duty-of-care as a health practitioner to speak out these vulnerabilities, AND to provide strucutres which ENABLE contribution and engagment.

If you, like many, feel that though you "have everything" there's just something missing, then I invite you to join our Volunteers Membership. With huge value in the form of one-on-one and small-group opportunities, you'll notice your individual and collective wellness thriving.

Our shared frameworks are Trauma-Informed Policy and Non-Violent Communication. We are non-denominational and brimming with willingness and wonder.

Our first intake is 13th July at The Burnout & Trauma-Care Clinic 8-9:30am. No, you don't need to have experienced burnout or trauma to come along. Our focus in on Restoration and Self-Connection. Please book your interview by following the links here. Collective Wellness is in in your hands.

I'm a Private & Public Health Practitioner with a special interest in the nervous system and social wellness. You can book in with me directly using our BOOK NOW button at the top of the page or email enquiries to


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