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Integrating 20-years & New Fee Structure

Did you know…

One Natural Therapies is now a juicy, ripe 20 years old!?

It was 2003, that this fresh graduate opened up shop downtown Edward St. Neighboured by the Port Office- & Stamford Hotels, we received a few strange glances, as yogi’s arrived, some from afar, a few without shoes… all through that heavy maroon door.

Ah, 41 Ed was where many you disrobed from your corporate power-suit, dropped your professional façade and revealed your true self. “If just for an hour a week..” you said “amidst the madness of the corporate….reminds me that I am still me”

It was the early 2000’s, Howard was still in tenure, the UN had just released it’s Sustainable Development Goals, the internet had just boomed, and corporate wellness was providing a welcome relief to the residual pressures and overconsumption of the previous decade.

It is my privilege in this time to have seen young couples become families, those babies become teenagers, and those teenagers build their careers. Alongside this, of course, the young-uppers have became elders and those of us in the middle have tipped into our mentoring years. Ah yes, a generalist profession has done nothing and everything for my sense of identity.

Thank you for your support, loyalty, trust and persistence. I simply cannot thank you enough for your commitment.

In light of this acknowledgement, please find below our new fee structure, to match industry standard for level of education and experience. The new fee structure will continue to honour your loyalty, rhythm and routine, as well as shared costs and affordable community-engagement.


As of April 2023

Initial Consultation + Treatment Outline 50min (includes research + write-up) $220

Short Session (50min) Naturopathy / Massage / Private Yoga

Casual $180

5 x Short Pack $750 ($160 /treatment)

12 x Short Pack $1560 ($130 /treatment)

Long Session (80min) Naturopathy / Massage / Private Yoga

Casual $250

5 x Long Pack $1150 ($230 /treatment)

12 x Long Pack $2280 ($190/treatment)

Casual bookings can be booked online at

To make the most of our affordable packages, please email with your preferred Pack including best day and time of appointment.

If you’re in need of self-care of your body and mind, and finances are tight at the moment, please make the most of my very affordable Pilot Program ‘Yoga with Alexis’ with the goal of building a self-regenerating community around self- and co-regulation. And, of course, our monthly practice group in Non-Violent Communication is open to all at $5 donation. Next practice 28th May.


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