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Break Those Unconscious Contracts & Free Yourself from Doubt Once & For All, will ya?

A Constellations-based Approach to Transgenerational Beliefs & Behaviors

Collated by Naturopath, Yoga Therapist, Public Health Practitioner, Alexis Dennehy

based on Sarah Peyton’s Resonance Summit

An ‘Unconscious Contract’ is an implicit / unspoken set of rules or expectations to which we comply in order to belong in our families of origin.

It recognizes the web of interdependence within families, including our history, biology, story and ancestory.

We can replace them with ‘Conscious Contracts’ by revoking and rewriting new agreements.

The process uses formal language to rescript the role we unconsciously accepted as children, with the choicefulness and conscious awareness we now have as adults.

It acknowledges firstly the need for safety behind the contract, and that, as adults, we can claim the role of care-giving aka ‘adulting’ or ‘reparenting’ ourselves.

It is a giant leap toward a more loving and congruous relationship between our inner -parent and -child, facilitating our adult maturation, self-responsibility, contribution and capacity.

As a rite-of-passage it may be accompanied by grief and/or fear, so it helps to have a therapist / mentor observe / hold space for your experience.

A Constellation is a therapeutic experience in which a deliberate healing space is used to enquire about the rich and meaningful dynamics which influence our wellness, including our relationship with money, with our own bodies, with our parents, our children and even transgenerational influences.

Your Somatic Therapist may facilitate a Constellation as part of your Contract Renegotiation.

Seven Swift Steps to Breaking an Unconscious Contract via Constellation

Step 1. Set up your safe space and refine your Intention Question.

Step 2. Invocation to the body, unconscious, collective conscious, interconnectedness, life-force, vitality, One-ness, higher power, ordering influence or other

Step 3. Choose your representatives ie symbols which represent different parts of yourself. They may represent people such as family members, or things, such as money.

Step 4. Allow the dynamic between the representatives to emerge from the bodily impulses and sensation. Continue allowing the relationships to emerge and explore the unfolding of the process to the point of fruition.

Step 5. If, and only If you need prompting, this brief journal exercise will help….

Writing with your dominant hand, complete this sentence “My role in my family of origin was to……..”

Then again with your non-dominant hand “My role in my family of origin was to….”

Still stuck? Try This article, held lightly, for recognizing yourself.

Step 6. Acknowledge the contract has served your belonging and survival ie complete the below with compassion for the pain of the past.

I, very young……………………. do solemnly swear to my essential self that I will ………………………

In order to believe what my parents say about me / so they can be right / no matter the cost to me or my body / to survive in this family / to belong in my family.

I, essential self of you very young………………………. revoke this vow you made to me to embrace………………………………………….. and live from there.

I release you from the vow as a child, a teenager, young adult, mother/ father, career woman / man, and all the way to the present moment.

What I want for you instead is verbal, emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual……………………………….

Close the Constellation with your hands in prayer and the words aloud “And so it is”.

Please email me your comments or post to The Yoga & Psychology Community

What needs did it meet for you? What gifts are you taking from the process?

I can't wait to read your comments!

The Alexis Dennehy


Naturopath, Yoga Therapist, Public Health Practitioner


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