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Yoga therapy for Psychiatric Conditions

"Yoga has been reported to improve self-reported perceptions of stress and well-being in the general public...

Studies conducted in the past two decades have supported the therapeutic potential of yoga as a treatment for major mental illnesses. These studies have revealed important findings, both therapeutic and methodological; efficacy of yoga as a treatment is demonstrated for major mental illness like depressive disorders, negative and cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia. Yoga being safe and devoid of side effects, has a distinct advantage over pharmacotherapy in terms of acceptability. Preliminary findings indicate changes in neurophysiological, neuroimmunological and neuroimaging measures, thus establishing a scientific basis for yoga treatment. Now we know that randomized, controlled trials with blinded ratings are possible, yoga and future studies need to address the methodological limitations of earlier studies to provide an evidence base for translation into clinical practice. In conclusion, we have traveled far in building evidence for yoga therapy in mental illness, but still have a long way to go to translate this evidence to practice.

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