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Burnout & Trauma-Care Clinic

Held Safely We Heal Naturally

  • 15 min
  • Honour Avenue

Service Description

Are you looking for a somatic practitioner for a professional approach to dealing with trauma and burnout? If you're experiencing reduced energy, optimism & motivation, you're likely experiencing burnout. Burnout is the most common visible-sign of trauma held invisibly in the body. When burned out, excess stress hormones leave an irreversible imprint on cardiac, digestive, respiratory & nervous tissue. Testosterone & oestrogen are negatively affected, worsening symptoms of midlife including weight gain, mood swings, lack of libido & poor quality of sleep. While we CANNOT undo existing cellular damage of trauma and stress, we CAN reverse the cycle of harm. With consistent practice, we can tap into 'prana', the wellspring of vitality found abundantly in nature, including your intelligent body. Be held deeply by the power of trauma-informed boundaries. Be reminded by blissful scents & soothing sounds. Be guided to relaxation & mastery of your inner sanctum. Restorative practices have shown to be helpful during burnout for replenishing nervous-& adrenal-reserves, re-invigorating creative energy & revitalising dreams. Trauma resolution is the spontaneous release of physical tension when we tap the inner resource we DID NOT have access to at the time trauma occurred. Mindful practices, intuitively-guided & post-graduate-educated by practitioner, Alexis Dennehy, with lived- & professional- experience, offers the complete experience to reclaim these deep inner resources. Each 90minute workshop includes: 20mins Breath-based Meditation for balancing neuro-hormonal-biochemistry 20mins Restorative Asana for attuning to our needs at the sensory level 20mins Trigger Point Release for relaxing into an expanded sense of self 20mins Embodied Anatomy / Mindful Colouring* A gently-guided meditation for understanding & mastery of your physiology from the inside. 10min Journal Reflection (a stream-of-conscious- written response to your experience) The aim of the course is to EMPOWER you with the DIRECT EXPERIENCE of the all-powerful influences of relaxation via your Parasympathetic system, Vagus nerve & other Autonomic mechanisms. It is expected that you manage your own psychological-, social- & medical- treatment outside this course. Held safely we heal naturally. $56.25/week 6 x Saturdays 8-9:30am OR Membership from $35/wk Book your 15 min Interview by clicking 'Check Next Availability'

Cancellation Policy

Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. Please see our privacy policy on our website. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • 1/417 Honour Ave, Graceville QLD, Australia

    + 0438953091

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