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Yoga by the Sea
Yoga by the Sea

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Yoga by the Sea
Yoga by the Sea

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Breath, Body & Brain

Yoga & Psychology Retreats

March 8-10th

November 18-22nd


North Stradbroke Island

March 8th - 10th, 2022

The  Yoga & Psychology Retreat

Reset. Recharged. Resilient.

Tools for your mental, physical and emotional wellness.

  • Absolute waterfront location

  • Plant-based Nutrition

  • Onsite support from your trauma-informed & confidentiality-ensured team of practitioners.

  • Full-refund up to 24 hours in advance*

The luxury of a dedicated space without the cost of spa-based wellness.

A two-day program with Dr Rachel Hannam, Alexis Dennehy.

*For all COVID-related circumstances including government regulation or personal circumstances which can be demonstrated by documentation. 

November 18th - 22nd, 2021

The Yoga & Psychology 
Community Retreat

Explore. Understand. Embody.

Have you ever wondered how to access your unconscious mind?

Jung said "The course of therapy is thus rather like a running conversation with the unconscious" and when properly heard, the tensions between the inner and outer personality subside. 

A four-day program of depth psychology and embodied psychotherapy with Dr Rachel Hannam and Alexis Dennehy.

Join us in unpacking your inner-most mind, a journey of personal discovery and meaning. 

*Full-refund up to 24-hours in advance for all COVID-related circumstances including government regulation or personal circumstances which can be demonstrated by documentation. 

Cabin 1 Seashanties.png

Our Yoga & Psychology Retreat is run by an onsite team of qualified health practitioners who share complementary practices on our common values and vision.

  • Learn & practice evidence-based techniques for self-regulation & self-compassion 

  • Facilitated workshops and gentle yoga-based movement

  • Naturopathically-designed nutrition plan

  • Trauma-sensitive, confidential facilitation by our experienced team of post-graduate qualified practitioners

  • Fully-refundable in the case of travel / gathering restrictions

  • Private waterfront accommodation 

We value your privacy and create a safe, respectful inclusive space, in which all participants are held in the highest positive regard.

We teach in the tradition of our contemplative teachers (Mr SN Goenka and Mr Marshall Rosenberg) without dogma or religion.


We have a strong connection with Stradbroke Island and its original inhabitants, where  participants have enjoyed the vitality and vibrancy now for over 7 years.

Please note, to ensure you gain the most from our practitioners we run our retreats in small groups and places are strictly limited.

Beginners Retreat Participant

"The content was informative, well integrated and relevant.

 The facilitation was fantastic.

The focus on going inward and being present lent itself really well to the psychology content.  

The environment was refreshing and calm... I loved having such a large space to share. The practical aspects really lit me up.


I feel I got exactly what I needed".


From our most Recent Retreat

"The facilitators worked so well as a team...

I felt at ease immediately.

There was plenty of time for reflection, consolidation and integration.

I felt very spoilt / well cared-for in such a beautiful venue.

I loved coming together for meals...the fireside chat... and the deep relaxation under the tree.  

Thank you all for an amazing weekend...Life changing"

Recent Participant

"The facilitation exceeded my expectations...such a nice mix of skills from the practitioners. 

The personal touches helped to feel supported, as did being guided through to the very end.

I most enjoyed the breathing exercises and the hands-on touch with the yoga.

I was impressed with the meals....the beautiful setting...


It certainly met my intention. I've learned new skills and developed a deeper understanding"

Meet Your Instructors

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 12.53.04

Rachel Hannam

Rachel is Clinical Director and Principal Psychologist at North Brisbane Psychologists. She holds a doctorate in Psychology and draws heavily upon acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), positive psychology, schema therapy, emotion-focussed couples therapy (EFCT), The Gottman Method, neuro-psychotherapy, and nonviolent communication (NVC).


Inspired by many years of Retreats with her teacher, Robert Gonzales (a student of Dr Marshall Rosenberg), Rachel will be sharing a unique psychological framework and facilitating Non-violent Communication. 



One Natural Therapies

Alexis is Director and Principal Practitioner of One Natural Therapies.  She holds a Masters of Public Health from The University of Queensland and draws strongly from Embodied Psychotherapy, Naturopathy, Yoga Therapeutics, Western Herbal Medicine and Trigger Point Therapy .   

Inspired by several years experiece of Vipassana Meditation 10-day silent retreats, Alexis has run retreats to Minjeribah | North Stradbroke Island for over 8 years.  With a strong spiritual connection to the island, Alexis continues to seek guidance from the local Indigenous Elders in maintaining cultural- and historical-sensitivity.

Alexis will be facilitating embodiment practices including yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breath work) and yoga nidra (guided restoration).

Retreat Schedule

'Breath & Brain'

Sunday Afternoon -


Intro to Retreat 

Overview and introduction to retreat content

Yoga & Meditation Workshop

Calm-abiding meditation, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras + Restorative postures

Psychology Workshop

Self-regulation, Top-down, bottom-up processing, Poly-vagal theory

Integration Time

Plant-based Dinner

Quiet contemplation

Optional journal exercises 

'Breath & Body'



Yoga & Meditation Workshop

Calm-abiding, Pranayama + Restorative postures

Plant-based Breakfast

Yoga & Meditation Workshop

Structural alignment (Iyengar Yoga) + Surya Namaskar

Psychology Workshop

Locating feelings & the Beauty of the needs

Plant-based Lunch

'Body & Brain'


Afternoon -


Yoga Workshop

Yoga Therapy (protocols for specific conditions including headache, sciatica, menstrual pain, digestive complaints, insomnia and anxiety)

Yoga & Psychology Workshop

Compassionate Embracing + Yoga Nidra 

Afternoon Tea


Free Time


Sunset Yoga Flow

Loosen and release of the day


Plant-based dinner

Campfire on the water's edge

Group reflection & your favourite tunes

Optional Journal exercises

'Breath, Body & Brain'




Yoga & Meditation Workshop Review

Pranayama + Vinyasa

Plant-based breakfast

Pack cars for 8am ferry home.

Retreat FAQ's

I'm a total beginner.  I've never done yoga / seen a psychologist. Can I still come on retreat?


Our approach to yoga is mindful movement. Having worked with all abilities, all ages and all levels of fitness we aim to share a practice accessible to all walks of life. 

What happens if we go into lockdown when retreat is scheduled?

In the case of government restrictions which prevent travel or affect the number of participants who can attend, our retreats are 100% fully refundable. The full cost of your ticket will be returned prior to retreat commencement date.  Please see our COVID Procedures page for more information. 

I have special dietary needs. Will that be tricky with catering?

We love creating whole food, plant-based nutrition so retreat, by nature, is clean eating.  

Meals are prepared free from gluten, refined sugar, animal products including dairy.

We offer herbal and black tea, but no alcohol or coffee. 

Each cabin has its own kitchenette, so you are welcome to bring extras (including your own coffee). There is also a cafe within 50 metres of the property for an espresso fix during free time.

Are there any rules on retreat?

Yes. We ask that you keep five precepts for the weekend:

1. No alcohol, cigarettes or recreational drugs.

2. No lying.

3. No stealing.

4. No sexual misconduct (ie sex or the intention for sexual relations outside of partnership)

5. No killing (including vegetarian eating for the weekend) 

These precepts are maintained by monastic tradition and designed to facilitate focus during retreat.

What does our accommodation look like? Will I be sharing with someone from the group?

Each self contained cabin contains a queen bed, single and pull-out trundle bed, newly renovated ensuite and kitchenette, table/desk space and outdoor courtyard. Photos in the slide gallery above are all taken on location. 

The property itself is absolute waterfront with a much-loved grassy area and jetty, large shady fig tree, commercial-kitchen and marquee-style long table with weather protection. 

Meditation workshops take place in a weather-proof timber-floored building. Yoga & Psychology workshops take place in the spacious local community hall. Movement is facilitated on the grassy waterfront early morning and sunset. 

I'm working to rehabilitate an injury. Will it be safe to practice yoga?

Yoga is the practice of ongoing rehabilitation and every human body is in a state of dynamic rehabilitation. You are safe to practice chronic or acute injury using sensitivity, and adaptations where necessary. 

I'm not keen on too much sun.  Will we be outdoors a lot?

The Yoga and Psychology Retreat is a sun-safe event. All workshops and meals take place under full cover.  Outdoor events take place during the early morning and sunset.

Remember, places are strictly limited to a 'first come, first served' basis. As  accommodation is strictly limited, we cannot take any further bookings once the quota is reached. 

Book now to reserve your place on The Yoga & Psychology Retreat. 

Retreat Location

Amity Point, North Stradbroke Island