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Children's Mindfulness Meditation (ages 3-6)

Children's Mindfulness Meditation (ages 3-6)


3-track MP3 download

1. On Waking

Training the brain in positivity.  Building healthy habits and forward thinking.   Who are you looking forward to seeing today?  What questions would you like to have answered?

2. Anytime Mindfulness

Going about your day, growing more comfortable in your own skin.   Mindful moments and easier breathing for calm, focussed activity. 

3. Winding Down

Casting your mind back through your day.  Bedding in the skills of relaxation and self security. 

For best results us daily on a rotational basis over 30 days.  

On Waking for the first 10 days.  
Anytime Mindfulness for the middle 10 days
Winding Down for the last 10 days  
Some use it to mark the beginning of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Repetition helps children see their own growth, and provide stability amidst periods of increased change*.    

The content of this program encourages reflection and forward thinking, empowering children with a clearer understanding of their own agency.   

As a pilot program, your feedback is warmly welcomed.  Drawings or scribed 'journal entries' especially encouraged and may facilitate deeper learning**.   Please email to for a reply within 3-5 working days.

* See Why is Repetition Important?
** See Coholic et al. (2020)  A Scoping Review of Arts-Based Mindfulness Interventions for Children and Youth.

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