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Body Whispering Your Birth

Body Whispering Your Birth


Designed for women who want to set the sails and stand at the helm.  You have within you the resources and strength to give birth in a way that empowers and protects.  Your mind will give calm, your breath will give comfort and your body will remind you what you are capable of.  Your inner resources can be used no matter what.  Used in conjunction with your care providers, and a mutual birth plan, this 3-track audio will lay the foundation for a respectful birth.

The BodyWhispering Audio Experience will:

- Teach you the essential tools for managing pain 

- Give you the confidence to advocate for your baby

- Help you connect with your body and breath

- Put you in the driver's seat of your Pregnancy & Birth

Use daily during second trimester and twice daily during third trimester.

For private consulting, contact

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