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Body-based Practices during pregnancy and post natal period can assist with:

1. Mental-emotional adjustment to change


2. Symptom management and pain relief

3.  Strength, tone and maintaining shape

4. Quality sleep and proper rest


5. Breath awareness for comfort and calm

6. ​Instinctive movement for facilitating birth

7. Prevention of birth trauma or gentle resolution post-birth

What the evidence suggests:

"The Pregnancy Symptom Inventory (survey) showed significant differences in symptom burden over 12 weeks, supporting the ongoing claims that yoga improves a pregnant woman’s overall well-being"

"The findings (of the RCTs) suggest antenatal yoga may be safe and may effectively decrease stress levels, anxiety scores, depression scores, and pain response as well as increasing maternal immunity and emotional-wellbeing." 

* Assessment as to whether Alexis can attend during birth is made on a case-by-case basis and will depend heavily on your choice of care provider.  Please discuss this early in your pregnancy as research shows your location of birth, your model of care and your care provider will have a significant bearing on your birth outcomes. 

Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Post-natal Care

Too often couples miss the opportunity of pregnancy out of rush, panic, pressure or fear.

One Natural Therapies is the place to slow down and make sense of your experience. Quiet  reflection is essential to understanding your needs and adjusting to change physically and psychologically.

The breath can provide an anchor point around which to accept this change. Massage and yoga practices help couples to accept and even welcome change.

During my masters, I undertook analysis of women's birth stories and heard of their gut-wrenching and heart breaking trauma. It all pointed to need for empowering practices such as HypnoBirthing, Active Birth and Prenatal Yoga. One Natural Therapies is committed to humanising birth by remembering these practices. 

Giving birth is one of the most powerful experiences in a woman's life and a woman's future mental and  physical health is determined by her experience. Unfortunately, maternity leave is also the time when women are isolated with limited social connection.  

My goal is to prepare you fully by engaging your inner resources, communicating with care providers and building a trust-based network to the point that you know you've got this, come what may. 

Sometimes a woman does not experience birth as empowering, and birth leaves her with another kind of birth mark. 

The body remembers our experience of birth and these feelings can be overwhelming.   Mindfulness offers a calm centre from which to observe and make sense of or comprehend.  A gentle approach to the body can help restore a feeling of ease and we can learn to trust our bodies again. 

Trust in our bodies helps us trust our instincts and intuition and we can mother with an empathy based on body sensation. Mindfulness and embodiment connect us with our natural urges to nourish our children and protect them from harm. 

I work closely with experienced doulas to complement their practices.  Due to family obligations, I am unable to attend births, however, I provide home-visits and phone consultation during pre-labour and early active labour. 

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Products for mindfulness during pregnancy, post-natal period and parenting:


Bodywhisper your Birth with our 3-track MP3 download here

Learn to stay safe during strong emotional storms with our Mindfulness for Beginners 3-track MP3 download

Share mindfulness with your children with our Children's Mindfulness Meditation (3-6 yr old)  3-track MP3 download

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