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What the evidence says:

"Findings suggested that parental PTSD is associated with impaired functioning across a number of parenting domains, including increased levels of parenting stress, lower parenting satisfaction, less optimal parent–child relationships, and more frequent use of negative parenting practices, such as overt hostility and controlling behaviours."

"The most prominent theories of parenting stress highlight the bidirectional relationship between parenting stress (including everyday agitations) and child adjustment issues. Parenting children with emotional or behavioral challenges increases parenting stress, and parents who experience greater parenting-related stress may be more likely to parent in ways that maintain or exacerbate child problems"

"Our findings also suggest that stress management interventions may be effective in reducing parenting stress and, consequently, lead to reductions in behavior problems. Methods commonly used include progressive muscle relaxation, biofeedback, meditation, and cognitive restructuring. Stress management techniques have been associated with decreases in symptoms of anxiety and depression and better physical health outcomes. Although the effect of these interventions on parenting practices or child behavior problems is unknown, results of this study suggest that reducing parenting stress has the potential to reduce behavior problems."

Mindfulness, Yoga & Massage for Parents

Never a tougher gig were there than raising a child, and never more an important role in society.


Fatigue has major bearing on mental wellness and proper rest is a key ingredient.


All too often, however, parents relegate their own needs to the bottom of the pile only to find that in doing so they compromise on relationships or work.  

Mindfulness, massage and yoga therapy offer simple, direct ways to manage our energy and maintain physical and mental-emotional health. 

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