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Relax and Recharge Your Body & Mind

Trained in Remedial, Deep-tissue and Pressure-point massage, we use massage to restore a natural state of relaxation.  We offer guided breathing and visualisation throughout your treatment for deeper and longer-lasting benefits.

Pressure Point Massage
How we can help you

Driven by positive client feedback over the last 20 years, we developed a unique combination of therapeutic yoga and remedial massage with the specific aim of improved flexibility and posture. 

Massage can assist with long-term results for:
  • Anxiety

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Digestive issues

  • Chronic pain

  • Improved flexibility

What to expect?

Most importantly, we listen. And then work with you to map out a personalised plan.

We will:

  • Address your immediate health concerns

  • Identify key leverage points to your ongoing wellness

  • Clarify your health goals and objectives

  • Equip you with a tailored set of tools & resources for sustainable wellness

Why Massage for mind-body balance?

Our vision is of a community where feeling viscerally safe is the norm.  Where the physiology of relaxation replaces threat and fear, stimulating the wellness and social cohesion which benefits us all.​


Tools we draw from include:

  • Mindful breathing and meditation

  • Remedial, deep tissue and trigger point massage therapy

  • Foods, herbs and nutrients for their specific benefits

  • Psychotherapy, Yogic & Eastern Philosophy

  • Reflection and enquiry, especially of your body

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