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Spicy Pepper Ramen

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Spicy Pepper Ramen
Spicy Pepper Ramen


The Do-able Detox has been beneficial for:

Stress, anxiety and nervous conditions including poor quality sleep

Digestive conditions, including irritable bowel and inflammation

Preconception care

Hormonal disturbance, including polycystic ovaries and endometriosis

Respiratory conditions, including asthma and sinusitis

Skin conditions, including eczema and dermatitis

General sluggishness and fatigue

The doable detox is designed to be exactly that… Doable. 

The doable detox is a five session program which promotes an internal state of balance. 


Your first session is an opportunity to identify areas of your life in which you’d like to see change.  These indicators will help track your progress along the way.


While many think detox is only about nutrition, The Do-able Detox is about wholistic change. Mindfulness and self-worth practices form an essential part of the program, and you'll learn strategies for emotional resilience and mental adaptation. 


Your final session is a chance to reflect and discuss any changes you’d like to sustain. Detox marks a period of empowered transition.  Isn't it time you marked your change?

The complete package includes:

1. The Do-able Detox Manual for wholistic change

2. Five x 1-hour consultations (Preparation, weekly over the 3-week program, and Follow up)

3. Access to The Do-able Detox resources on The Alexis Dennehy Youtube Channel

4. Mindfulness for Beginners MP3 download for daily use

5. Email support for the duration of your program

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