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Body-based trauma-informed practices can help with:
Stress and anxiety 
Social anxiety
Post Traumatic Stress
Complex Trauma
Violence and aggression 
Eating disorders
Substance misuse or abuse
Sleep disturbance
Regulating moods
Helpful resources:
Kids Helpline - Phone Counselling Service
Teen Mental Health 
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Lifeline Crisis Line (24/7)  Ph 13 11 14 

Mindfulness, Yoga & Massage for Young Adults

The combination of social, neural, hormonal and bodily changes means adolescence is an especially formative period of our lives. 

How we view ourselves, how we treat ourselves and how we adapt to change will have lasting impact on our adult lives.

Many adolescents resist talking therapy, and many parents are keen to avoid labels and medications.

Body-oriented therapies provide a gentle facilitation of change through sensory perception and neural integration.  

A safe environment enables adolescents to practice being at ease.   From simple breath observation, quiet arts-based therapy to clothed massage and pressure point therapy, teens can adjust to bodily changes, recognise what matters to them, and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

By replacing avoidance or reaction with gentle observation, teenagers can build neural pathways which open up opportunities.  

Adolescence is a critical life window for adaptability.  No matter the power of your experience, the window is open for change. 

Learn body-oriented trauma-informed practices to adapt to the changes, come what may. 

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