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Change for the Better

If you're looking for gentle and powerful approaches to your wellbeing then you're in the right place. 

Welcome to One Natural Therapies.

Firstly, may I warmly welcome members of our LGBTQI+ Community as well as our respected First Nations People.   We celebrate differences of every kind, here at One.  Help us to know what identifies you!

In service to Relationship -> Respect -> Responsibility,


Alexis Dennehy

New Term Starts July 13


At One Natural Therapies we treat the nervous system as the link between the mind and body.  


Settle your nerves and you'll settle both your mind AND body.


Please choose your best option and let's get cracking.  


This is change for the better!

  • Private Burnout / Trauma-Care Program

    Every week
    Reset your Nervous System with Relaxation & Self-Compassion
    Valid for 12 weeks+ 7 day free trial
    • Total Physiology-Reset & Nervous system down-regulation
    • 12 x Weekly 90minute Massage, Breathwork & Assisted Stretch
    • Support to develop your Home Restorative Practice
  • Burnout & Trauma-Care Clinic

    Every week
    Saturday Morning Relaxation Station
    Valid for 6 weeks+ 7 day free trial
    • 6-wk Burnout & Trauma-Care Clinic Saturdays 8-9:30am
    • Be held deeply by the power of trauma-informed boundaries
    • Be guided to relaxation & Mastery of your Inner Sanctum
    • Enjoy blissful scents and soothing sounds
    • Learn to down-regulate your physiology & mind

A little of my background...

I opened One Natural Therapies in 2003 in the heart of the CBD where I worked for the first 15-years with individuals and organisations mostly in the legal, finance and government sectors.  


One-on-one and with groups I've used predominantly Yoga Therapy for management of stress, hormones, weight, inflammation and pain.  I get best results using a combination of Structural Alignment & Neuromuscular-Junction Rehabilitation using breath and trigger point release.

I acted as a birth consultant for many years, training couples to use Hypnobirthing, Active birth & PeriNatal Yoga for a body-friendly birth experience. 


I was fortunate enough to complete my Post-Graduate Research at The Faculty of Medicine at The University of Queensland, Herston.  


My Masters Program was a Braun&Clarke thematic analysis of the peri-natal period through The Institute of Health & Biomedical Innovation. 


I was then invited to complete a Summer Scholarship at The Institute for Social Science Research on 'Educational experiences of children with chronic and acute conditions..'


Since the early 2020's, I've held practice in medical centres and physiotherapy clinics, alongside GPs, Physiotherapists and Psychologists.  I am committed to high-quality, evidence-informed, patient-centred care. 

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Previous Projects
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Success Stories

H. approached me for private yoga because she was experiencing stiffness, tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing and anxiety.  We started a home yoga practice and she felt the benefits immediately.  


The stress however had got into her nervous system and she experienced a facial paralysis within the first few weeks of working together. 


H. knew she had to make some major life changes.  H. took to her yoga practice, and attended one of our retreats where she learned Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  


She managed to move through significant life change with a grounding in her body, coupled with the philosophy of change.  She is now successfully living hte life of her choosing. 


These are some of H.’s powerful postures, and you can click on the pic for a link to her testimonial. 

Young Confident Woman

Peta Jane, aged 26, found me online and came to learn yoga and understand more about running a business as a female creative entrepreneur.  Born and raised in a buddhist country, she had a deep understanding of buddhism and wanted to incorporate this into her own business. 


We discussed her longings and agreed she would complete a 12-Week Private Yoga Intensive, supported by somatic therapy and business coaching.


During one of her Somatic Treatments, Peta had a profound acknowledgement of a deep trauma she had completely forgotten.  She said it shifted something deep inside her in relation to her brother. 

Peta Jane’s Business moved along very quickly after this, and she was able to creatively develop her signature program within a few weeks.  PJ has since successfully integrated her cultural heritage and kick started her business endevours and we look forward to seeing what comes of her unique experience and perspective.  

Simone and Hamish came to see me when their teenage daughter was experiencing a life-threatening condition.   They both knew their relationship was an underlying issue.  


Simone took to the practice of yoga like a duck to water and met her goal of looking fabulous at her 50thbirthday. 


Hamish came to see me later, mostly for remedial massage but was open-minded enough to experience the embodied symbolism of yoga. 


Over the course of about 12 months, Simone and Hamish felt they were at their end points.


It was clear through the practice of letting go, that juxtaposed, Simone’s gripping was hindering progress


A significant change happened, however, when the very last option available to their daughter was ruled out. 


Simone stopped effort-ing to be happy, and finally started to open up as herself again. 


Hamish also started noticing the beautiful moments they shared.  The love that had been absent, and a causal factor in their daughters wellbeing, had been restored.  The lightness and humour that they’d shared as young lovers was breaking through again. The last time I saw them they were sitting opposite each other at the local Korean, smiling.  A felt love was deeply apparent.   The family’s happiness depends on the parent’s.

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Woman Posing

Emma was a GP who found me when I was workig in the city.  She'd had several surgeries to remove endometrial tissue by the time she came to me.

She wanted to find a way to manage her painful periods which lastest almost half the month. 


Knowing she had exhausted all other options, we decided to give it everything we had, so Emma came three times/week.


After about a month of refining her personal practice so that it maximises the circulation and clearance from her womb and pelvis, Anna started to feel she had some control over her experience.  From about six months in, Anna was able to fine-tune her practice using only breath-control and awareness.  By the time we shared 12 months together, she could manage her pain completely with her daily practice. 


Emma was one of my most affected clients.  She moved away after our time together but not before we shared gratitude for the learning we’d shared together. 

Anna was referred by her psychologist for somatic therapy. 

She was experiencing daily anxiety, panic attacks and chronic pelvic pain. 

She learned to relax her neck and shoulders and found gradually she could start to access sensations of her pelvis.  


Anna had a profound shift in experiencing ease in her pelvis again when we located a trigger point with a dry needle which stimulated strong whole-body sensations. 

Anna continues to come weekly for counselling and bodywork and rarely experiences either anxiety or pelvic pain. 

Young Woman's Portrait
Woman with Gray Hair

Susan was incredibly well-read, had seen many highly-regarded practitioners and unsure much more could be done for her digestive bloating and pain.


She was very open about her past and had a knack for making connections.


We traced her digestive pain back to the weeks after her first child had been born.  She was able to locate the trigger point she felt had not recovered fully.  A single dry needle to this point resolved her digestive pain almost immediately and completely, and she reported only very minor symptoms the following week, and zero symptoms the week after.   She was able to address the remaining bloating by narrowing it down to a medication which worked, and replacing it with a more gentle nutraceutical for regulating her gastric secretions.  The combination of reflection and embodiment changed Susans total experience of her body. 

When Gloria sought me out, she was nailing many aspects of her life….business, family, investments, parenting…but she was struggling with her physicality. 


Raised with a no-pain, no-gain attitude to exercise, now in mid-life, she was getting injuries with her personal training.  She knew she needed a gentle approach to her body and so she committed to the practice for as long as it took.


Through the asana, pranayama and meditation, Gloria started to “get” the practice of kindness toward herself. At the end of each session she would have a big grin on her phase, sometimes followed by a great big laugh.  She didn’t have to say much.  It was obvious she was really getting it. 


After a couple of years practicing together, Gloria took up running   It was clear by the way she described her practice that she was applying yogic principles. 


Gloria has had no further issues with injuries and is was looking fine, fit and glowing.

Woman Training
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