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Body-Based Wellness

for Self care, Transition & Recovery

Secrets of Healthy People Revealed!


There's nothing worse than knowing you need to exercise and eat well but feeling so weighed down it doesn't happen. Your shoulds turn to guilt and your guilt turns to inaction. The more you beat yourself up about it, the more flaccid your body becomes until the visual of your disgusting body trying to exercise, or the thought of having to prepare a healthy meal, is enough to make you bury your head even deeper in the sand. The truth is, burying your head in the sand is the quickest way to physical and mental disaster. Ignoring your symptoms of pain and discomfort is a sure-fire path to chronic illness, and because the risk of chronic disease and mental ill-health increases with every year we age, you cannot afford to procrastinate any longer.


I'm Alexis Dennehy, Naturopath and Yoga Therapist, and I make people healthier and happier by getting them in touch with their bodies again. I teach you the tools and techniques to recognise and respond to your body's needs. I'll walk with you every step of the way back back into good health and happiness. You deserve to feel amazing. You deserve to feel proud of yourself. And the journey is more gentle, enjoyable and satisfying than you would possibly believe. 


I've delivered wellness programs across private and public sectors, especially law and finance, including ClaytonUtz, HerbertSmtihFreeHills, CityBank, Westpac, CommBank the Australian Taxation Office and Queensland Treasury Corp.


Benefits you can expect from my services include:

  • Less stress

  • Greater control of your long term wellbeing

  • Intrinsic motivation to eat well and move regularly

  • Self kindness and feeling really good in your body

  • Making choices which are more aligned with your values

  • A stronger sense of perspective and an easy ability to prioritise

  • A calmer, more connected experience

  • Better relationships, including a stronger connection with your spouse and your family


Past clients say:


"Thanks to my GP, I was referred to Alexis for help with my menopause symptoms. My legs aches and I had tension in my body as a whole. I had five one-on-one sessions with Alexis to establish a yoga routine to help my symptoms. After these five, I wanted more...and after the next five, I still wanted more. I then embarked on Alexis' 3-week Do-able Detox. It is do-able but more importantly it is transforming. I have spent many years wth wonderful caring people, but never have I encountered anyone so in tune with me and my needs. Thank you, Alexis. My life has been transformed." - Jane Bourke


If you have signs and symptoms already, now is the time to act.


Physical pain, stress and ongoing discomfort do not go away on their own, but they will go if you are brave enough to take action. 


If you want to get healthy, take it from someone who's walked the walk. I've walked my own body back from chronic illness, though I was told my only option was invasive surgery. I've walked people just like you from the first unnerving steps all the way to recovery.  


It starts today.  It will be do-able.  Call or text now for your booking.


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work.  The Turrbal and Yuggara people of Maiwar, The Quandamooka people of Minjerribah, the Bunjalung people to the south, Waka Waka and Gubi Gubi to the north, Burrangum to the west, and particularly to the Gammilray people who have shared deep knowledgeand lore.  We acknowledge sovereignty has not yet been ceded and we stand with you in reconciliation. 


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