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Body-Based Wellness

for Self care, Transition & Recovery

One Natural Therapies was founded in Brisbane's CBD in 2003 with the purpose of bringing people home to their bodies.

We've worked for corporate legal, government and finance, as well as gyms, schools, families, parents, children, and our most marginalised, proving the practices work for all walks of life, across all ages, beliefs and cultures.  


Director, Alexis Dennehy, trained in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Hatha and Iyengar Yoga, Transcendental & Vipassana Meditation, and as taught thousands of individuals to use mindfulness-based techniques for coming to terms with some of life's most challenging experiences.  


In 2007, in preparation for one of her own most challenging experiences, Alexis trained in HypnoBirthing, Active Birth and Prenatal Yoga.  She has since shown hundreds of couples how to prepare for birth using only their bodies, minds and breath.  

Alexis recently completed a Masters in Public Health which focused on mental health during pregnancy and the postnatal period.  Her research led to an analysis of birth stories in which she heard the gut-wrenching experiences of mothers who were bullied, coerced, ignored and separated from their babies, with dire long-term mental health consequences.  


With a renewed commitment to help people come to terms with their most disempowering experiences, you can imagine how ecstatic she was to discover that mind-body therapies, including yoga therapy, are listed as evidence-based recommendations by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration and recommended for future research by The Australian National Guidelines for Acute Stress Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex PTSD.  


Further, trauma experts have identified mindful body-based therapies are especially indicated for coming to terms with feelings which are difficult, or even biologically impossible, to talk about.


Over the last 18 years, we've seen people from all walks of life transform life's most difficult experiences.

Conditions such as -

  • constant worry, catastrophe or obsessive over-thinking

  • "never-enough"-ness, anxiety or hyper-vigilance

  • perpetual mental and/or physical exhaustion and fatigue

  • trauma, complex trauma and post-traumatic stress 

  • grief, depression, loneliness and bereavement

  • disgust, shame, self-harm and self-loathing

  • devastation, avoidance, dependance and addiction

All have provided hidden opportunities to transform avoidance into empowerment.

While we recognise some conditions may require complementary allopathic intervention, there is not a single condition mindfulness cannot assist.  Most psychologists and psychiatrists today draw on the theory of mindfulness but few draw from sufficient direct experience. Mindfulness cannot be learned on a page.  Mindfulness happens in the body. All models of care agree that relaxation is key to recovery. We've just seen how powerful this notion really is. 

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Because change doesn't happen on a page...

Change happens in the body. 

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work.  The Turrbal and Yuggara people of Maiwar, The Quandamooka people of Minjerribah, the Bunjalung people to the south, Waka Waka and Gubi Gubi to the north, Burrangum to the west, and particularly to the Gammilray people who have shared deep knowledgeand lore.  We acknowledge sovereignty has not yet been ceded and we stand with you in reconciliation. 


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