One Natural Therapies puts the living back into life.

One Natural Therapies is more than just a centre for holistic health, mindfulness and yoga. It’s your partner and mentor in evidence-based contemplative practice and common-sense wellbeing.


Sometimes We’re Lost and Don’t Know It

In our busy, modern lives we sometimes lose our most precious possession: ourselves. Even with success, we feel something lacking or we can’t feel content. For many of us, raising a family takes up so much of our attention, we don’t notice that we aren’t centered or that we are going through the motions without truly living. Or we have spent so much attention on starting and building a career that everything else has been squeezed out of our thoughts.

Some of us have had difficult life events that shatter our sense of self and send us out of balance like divorce, deaths, loss of a job or an empty nest as children move out. We realize at some point that things aren’t working the way we want them to and we look for help to rediscover our authentic selves.

One Natural Therapies is here to help you. With a holistic approach that integrates your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, we’ve hand-picked the range of proven techniques, individually combined, to help you find the balance and control that are missing from your life.

 With One Natural Therapies you’ll:

Learn the skills of full engagement & presence of mind.
Replenish your energy reserves & refresh your sense of perspective & purpose.
Recalibrate your body’s homeostasis with physical, mental- & nutrition-based therapies

You want to succeed in all areas of life, but this one seems out of your hands. Get back in the driver’s seat before or alongside medical treatment.

Mindfulness, Nutrition & Yoga are the safe and gentle solution to wellbeing for you and those you care about.
Anxiety is not something you “just need to learn to live with”.  You, like thousands of others, can learn to live anxiety-free & enjoy effective work & relationships.

We specialise in bringing an integrated approach to you on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis, catering to your personal schedule and needs. In fact, we love nothing more than complete resolution, so you can count on us to see you through. One Natural Therapies is your key to the life you want and the life you need.

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