One (n): Independent, Integrated, Complete.

OneNT is an Independent and Integrated Practice specialising in evidence-based mindfulness.

Mindfulness is defined as a deliberate & sustained awareness of the present experience, including non-judgemental observation of thoughts, feelings, sensations & perceptions.

The Evidence we rely upon is the highest-quality, most up-to-date, peer-reviewed scientific publications available, specifically sourced through pubmed and the Cochrane Database.

Our greatest strengths?  The integrity of the lineage behind the practices, the lack of dogma associated, the rigorous sourcing of high-quality evidence & above all, the continual commitment to a formal & daily discipline in mindfulness, is what allows us to pass the benefits directly to you.

One NT has physical locations in Brisbane’s CBD and Fig Tree Pocket, and has interests in the global mindfulness community, particularly Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, California.   We have also worked with clients in regional Queensland, Sydney & London.    Please ask about workshops and retreats in your particular region.

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