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One Natural Therapies is an Independent and Integrated Clinical Practice teaching evidence-based Mindfulness Practices for Work and Family life.

This means, it’s not about what you do here at One, but what you take away … We don’t just “do Yoga”… you won’t just “get a Massage”… it’s not about “what the Naturopath said”… it’s about the change that occurs through observing yourself while in a mindful state.

The practices are simple and replicable, and though the change of each session is spontaneous and lasting, the greatest benefit of all lies in applying mindfulness in your daily life.

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One NT has physical locations in Brisbane’s CBD and Fig Tree Pocket, and has interests in the global mindfulness community, particularly Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, California.

We’ve worked with clients in regional Queensland, Sydney & London.    Please ask about workshops and retreats near you.

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