One (n): Independent, Integrated, Whole.

OneNT is an Independent and Integrated Practice specialising in evidence-based mindfulness with a particular interest in transition.

Mindfulness is defined as a deliberate & sustained awareness of the present experience.     Traditional breath- & body-based practices, including Calm-abiding / Anapanasati, Vipassana & Loving Kindness, provide the foundation of all healing modalities practiced at One.

Transition is described as intensive transformation or the rite of passage including, but not limited to, birth, adolescence, conceiving a child, birthing a child, difficulty or dissatisfaction in relationship or career, illness, menopause, loss of a loved one and dying.

One NT has physical locations in Brisbane’s CBD and Fig Tree Pocket, and has interests in the global mindfulness community, particularly Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, California.   We have also worked with clients in regional Queensland, Sydney & London.    Please ask about workshops and retreats in your particular region.

Check out ourUPCOMING WORKSHOP: The Science & Art of Breath Mindfulness 

& UPCOMING RETREATS:  Pregnancy & Birth Retreat / Spring Retreat

This month’s quote (June 2014, from Woodland Hills, California)

We expend a lot of effort to improve the external conditions of our lives, but in the end it is always the mind that creats our experience of the world and translates it into well-being or suffering.  If we transform our way of perceiving things, we transform the quality of our lives.  It is this kind of transformation that is brought about thy the form of mind-traninng known as meditation.”

- Matthieu Ricard ‘The Art of Meditation’

Pregnant couples!  Check out our latest video:  Midwife, Corinne Mawn, on ‘Why choose to birth at a birth centre?’

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